Hub's Low Gravity an Aid to Research

"The day will come, sir," Fenton said, "when there is going to be colonies substantial sufficient to take inside the shuttles entire. It will likely be a great deal less difficult when that day comes."

I protested that it had been no problems and looked about. Somehow I had anticipated to acquire into the hub and see a cavernous vista. Instead, I located myself in a corridor really significantly like that in any substantial workplace developing back on earth-except for the bars and handholds one calls for at low gravity.

"There are no living quarters within the hub," Fenton stated. "There's a smaller hospital right here for cardiac instances and orthopedic troubles. You'll find also research laboratories. A few of these are biological, studying the impact of low gravity on living systems; some are industrial and engineering replica watch panerai ...."

"You mean it is here that you just grow crystals and manufacture electronic components"

Fenton smiled. "No, not right here. Not sufficient area and, besides, we need to have a vacuum for that. Our manufacturing plants are out in near space, and are attached towards the primary body of L-5 by transport tubes.

"Of course we're not yet self-supporting. We depend on earth for much of our high technologies as well as our culture, education, and medicine. Having said that, we've already become an important portion of earth's pc business in addition to a supply of several from the microminiature circuits it utilizes."

"To say practically nothing of one's manufacturing solar-energy stations"

Fenton shrugged. "That's an old story. The very first solar energy station was operative and sent into orbit about earth even ahead of L-5 was entirely habitable.

The next Frontier? (Jul, 1976)

The Next Frontier

Shape of factors to come? Even as Apollo and orbiting Skylab recede into history, American scientists look at a additional amazing enterprise-a permanent colony in space.


I Did not Truly Realize what L-5 was like, on this July day inside a.D. 2026, till I no longer saw it from my vantage point in space.

On the shuttle flight I had observed by telescope the torus that we all recognize, a great deal like a bicycle wheel, gleaming inside the direct light of your sun and within the light reflected in the massive mirror floating totally free above. The six spokes plus the central hub had been visible too, of course.

The shuttle craft was built for durability, not comfort, and I welcomed the finish of our journey-a three-day flight. As we moved in toward the docking module, L-5 stopped being a torus in space and became a habitat, a globe with 10,000 persons. The hub is really a sphere 130 meters in diameter, which seemed massive when we have been instantly above it. The six spokes led out towards the torus appropriate, the nearer edge of which was 765 meters away. What it amounted to in older units of measurement was that L-5 was a bit more than 1 panerai replica .1 miles across.

There had been the usual complications of docking, establishing an airtight seal, and acquiring via an air lock. Then I underwent a brief health-related examination. Lastly George Fenton greeted me. The head of L-5 was a stocky man with a shock of brown hair plus a swarthy complexion panerai knockoff watches . He was dressed lightly and loosely, but not exotically copy watches panerai . His personal focus, I gathered, was not uncommon; a freelance writer for National Geographic was treated together with the identical courtesy as any arriving visitor.

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